CZ4090-900 Nike Air Max 2090 “BeTrue” 2020 Multi New Sale


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Let’s see what surprises this brand new beast has for us! First of all, the AM2090 made its mark this year as part of AM90’s 30th birthday. This Green Multi iteration inherits most of the signature features from the OG pair. Dressed in a surplus of vibrant colourways, this pair is totally unmissable! Bored with all the dull shades of life? Then let this funky sneaker add some colours to your life!

As you can see, the translucent mesh upper flaunts various colour palettes, including green, red and purple. A bright pink Swoosh graces the side panels. Moreover, a black suede patch covers the sidewalls, atop which the text “BETRUE” sits inverted.

Moving on, the heels feature accents of pink and pull tabs to help with slipping the shoes on and off. Finally, we have the classic Air midsole, which offers added height at the heels. As a result, these kicks provide an ultra response and comfort. Of course, the iconic Air Bubble compartment in the midsole takes care of cushioning. Hence, every step you take in these AM2090’s will feel utterly cosy.


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